I found AOL because they sent me a free 30 day trial. As for music I don’t think there is any type of music I don’t like. My father played music all my life, so I came to respect and love it all.

My name is Joanna and I live in Idaho so I am used to all the potato jokes. I have been coming in the oldies room for about 6 years now. I always remember the times when you came in the room and everybody was talking about music, laughing, getting a little personal (all in good fun).

I have never been to any of the roomie parties but I was able to get to meet and have lunch with a bunch of roomies in Los Angeles. I met REVVY, BRIT, ROC,JANS, ZOOT, RACE and ANGIE. They are all good friends and wonderful people. That reminds me, I did get sick from the food we ate…UGGGG… Thanks roomies LOL.

To be honest I never considered making such good friends when I first started coming in the room, but every last one of you has a place in my heart. I may not have met most of you but you are all my friends.

I think we should have a cover charge for NEWBIES…LOL, hey we have to get somebody to pay for our bar tab.

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  1. Lee Little
    7. February 2021

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