KACEY is one of the select few roomies that I have known from the good old days that I just have to meet. It seems that we get close but things never work out. The fact that we grew up in the same era and are only a few months apart in age (I won’t mention who is older), and we seem to have the exact same interest in music, formed a special bond between the two of us.
We still keep in touch and whenever I see her name pop up in the chatroom, I make it my business to jump in and say hi. ~GOHAWKSGO

I discovered the room in September 1998 and I live in Arizona. My name is Karen and I work for a major hotel chain in their Frequency Marketing Department. I am divorced and I have 2 daughters, a son-in-law and two grandchildren.

I like the Beach boys, The Beatles and almost all the music that was popular while I was In High School, 1960-64. I have attended ROCSBBQ in 2000, 2002 and 2003 and I attended a party at MADPOETS in July of 2001.

I was a regular of the room from September 1998 to about January 1999. Then the original room disappeared. I came back in January 2000 and met up with old friends and made some new friends. I was a regular for close to 3 years after that. Things have changed and I don’t drop in as often as I used to.

From 2000 to 2003 things were great in the room. It was always fun. I have great memories of the laughing with RVB, RED, TORCH, GOHAWKS, RACE and ANGIE, etc. I always looked forward to the time I could come in the room and be with great friends. I had great friends, not only the few mentioned above but also JAZZY, AIDY, ROC— the list can go on and on.

Just one bit of advice—follow the golden rule. Stop all the name calling etc. and most important, try to remember the old friends you had. It hurts to be ignored.

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