Kelly, Paul & The Coloured Girls – Bradman

Today’s song is about a legendary Aussy Cricket player Born 8/27/08 ~ Died 2/25/01 & Knighted in 1949 (he was the greatest batsman who ever lived and the greatest cricketer of the 20th century).

The song is by one of our birthday boy’s favorite acts which he has seen eleven times. Born January 13, 1955 he’s is an Australian rock music singer-songwriter, guitarist, and harmonica player. In 1987 today’s song peaked at #51 on the Aussy charts as a double sided hit with it’s flip “Leaps & Bounds”. It never charted in the US.

Also you might see a nice resemblance between our Birthday Boy and the Song Title

Due to possible racist connotations his band changed its name, for international releases for an extra snorestar name both group names.

He was more than just a batsman he was something like a tide, more than just one man, he was a match for any side

Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls – Bradman was presented by Sev on March 27th April in celebration of Wmbradspa’s birthday

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