Kinks (The) – God’s Children

Muswell Hill, North London was where feuding brothers Ray & Dave formed The Ravens and after a number of changes to the group including a name change to the British Invasion act we all know and love. They performed worldwide from 1964 until they disbanded as a group in 1996 when they went their solo ways.

Today’s song is a single from the 1971 soundtrack of a British comedy film which featured Hywel Bennett as the recipient of the world’s first penis transplant, Elkie Summer & Britt Ekland.

Your Mystery Lyric was:

Oh, the rich man, poor man, the saint and the sinner The wise man, simpleton, the loser and the winner We are all the same to Him

The Kinks – All God’s Children was presented by Sev on April 3rd 2014


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