Laura Nyro – American Dove

On 11th September 2013 Mystery Lyrics presented Laura Nyro’s “American Dove”, a song that seemed very appropriate for the occasion. Although this was never officially released on a studio record, her performance of this song is on the Live Album “Spread Your Wings And Fly: Live At The Fillmore East May 30, 1971”

Laura Nyro (October 18, 1947 – April 8, 1997) was an American songwriter, singer, and pianist. She achieved critical acclaim with her own recordings, particularly the albums Eli and the Thirteenth Confession (1968) and New York Tendaberry (1969), and had commercial success with artists such as Barbra Streisand and The 5th Dimension recording her songs. Her style was a hybrid of Brill Building-style New York pop, jazz, gospel, rhythm and blues, show tunes, rock, and soul.

Between 1968 and 1970, a number of artists had hits with her songs: The 5th Dimension with “Blowing Away”, “Wedding Bell Blues”, “Stoned Soul Picnic”, “Sweet Blindness”, “Save the Country”, and “Black Patch”; Blood, Sweat & Tears and Peter, Paul & Mary with “And When I Die”; Three Dog Night and Maynard Ferguson with “Eli’s Comin'”; and Barbra Streisand with “Stoney End”, “Time and Love”, and “Hands off the Man (Flim Flam Man)”. Nyro’s best-selling single was her recording of Carole King and Gerry Goffin’s “Up on the Roof”.

In 2012, Nyro was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.(Source: Wikipedia)

The Clue

Rumer said about todays artist and song:

“There are some artists that only come to you when you’re ready. People had been talking to me about [her] for years, but I was more familiar with her songs that had become hits for other performers; see the Fifth Dimension in particular (Wedding Bell Blues, Stoned Soul Picnic). It wasn’t until I was a little bit older, and ready to appreciate it, that I truly understood what a gifted songwriter [she] was.

[The song] never saw an official recording, but can thankfully be found as part of a live album, Spread Your Wings and Fly: Live at the Fillmore East, May 30, 1971. It’s such an earthy, raw and passionate performance, in what is a beautiful statement about peace.

There’s a strong anti-war message throughout [the song]: [She’s] saying that America is a dove, not an eagle. It’s not an attack on America or its people so much as it is a celebration of a brilliant country, full of good people, who have the potential to be a force for peace. There’s also a sweeping, majestic quality to the melody that reminds me of Bacharach – as you sing it, there’s this sense of being airborne.
I performed [this song] on my first tour of the States, and it really captured my experiences of the country, and the brilliant characters I met. [Her] appeal for peace is timeless, as is her songwriting – I’m thankful for her depth and for her passionate, timeless legacy.”

(Published in The Guardian)

The Lyrics

Pure as the risin sun
Tell them the young lords come
To bring liberty to every one


American Dove        Laura Nyro

I think I could qualify as someone who truly appreciates good songwriting, LOL, or at least good singer-songwriters…  This is Laura Nyro (a name that should only be spoken with awe).  Here’s your lyrical link:  AMERICAN DOVE LYRICS – LAURA NYRO .  My favorite of hers is “Stoney End” ? LAURA NYRO stoney end – YouTube

I’m sure not going to argue with you on that point Diana, your love for good songwriting is well known indeed. I’m not too familiar with the artist to tell you the truth, but I don’t know about speaking the name with awe. There are so many great talents out there in the wilderness, a lot of which we have never heard.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{Dave}}}}}}}}}}}}} Thank you for leaving the song title in the clue. Laura Nyro American Dove

Laura Nyro – Spread Your Wings And Fly: Live At The Fillmore East Cd Album

10 Essential Laura Nyro Songs | The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

I don’t know where I left the song title on there Cheryl, I’ve searched high and low though.  Now if you said that I left both words of the clue in somewhere I would agree, after all I don’t want to make it too difficult for you all.

Hi Dave:
As usual, artist, I use my noodle. Song, I use my Google. Laura Nyro – American Dove

Laura Nyro, another great songwriter. The song is American Dove
and since it’s her song, I can hardly wait to hear it.

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Laura Nyro was in a class by herself she was a wonderful song writer

and a great performer

in fact I was just listening to her double CD best of yesterday

Today’s tune is a very good one

it’s American Dove

Very appropriate for 9-11

Click here: ? LAURA NYRO american dove (LIVE!) – YouTube


Click here: Laura Nyro : “American dove – CD Spread Your Wings and Fly” Lyrics

Actually I was thinking of something completely different until I realised that it was my turn again on the 11th September. What I had in mind woudn’t have been so appropriate,  maybe next month Sev!

Laura Nyro, she died young,  doing American Dove

Tragic indeed Scott. Wikipedia has this to say: In late 1996, Nyro was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After the diagnosis, Columbia Records prepared a double-disc CD retrospective of material from her years at the label. The company involved Nyro herself, who selected the tracks and approved the final project. She lived to see the release of Stoned Soul Picnic: The Best of Laura Nyro (1997), and was reportedly pleased with the outcome.

She died of ovarian cancer in Danbury, Connecticut, on April 8, 1997, at 49, the same age at which the disease had claimed the life of her mother.

That’s  from “American Dove” by Laura Nyro.

— Phiz


Laura Nyro – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Mama, when the moon is done
I walk on by the risin’ sun
Wishin’ all my dreams for every one

It’s been a long time comin’ I mean love
Spread your wings and fly American dove

Fifteen and he’s seen such bad around
The worse thing when they told him
God was money he broke down
He went wild
He is my (the) universal child

It’s been a long time comin’ I mean love
Spread your wings and fly American dove

Mama – you ask – Am I alright?
Well sure, but Johnnie he (ain’t) come home from war
Don’t they honor life no more?

It’s been a long time comin’ I mean love
Spread your wings and fly American dove.

Father, ooh I hear them
They’re talkin’ in the streets thru the grapevine
Guess I’ll go down to meet them
Father I’ll never sell my soul
Not this soul of mine

Father it’s been a long time comin’ I mean love
Spread your wings and fly American dove

Pure as the risin’ sun
Tell them the young lord’s come (gone)
To bring liberty to every one

Spread your wings
Come on. Spread your wings and fly

Thanks for the lyrics Phiz, as well as the links and the pics (most of which I had to leave out of this for Copyright reasons)

“American Dove” Laura Nyro. Great choice for this always somber day. God bless America.

It will always be a sad day for all peace loving people the world over. Even this Brit living in Germany remembers what he was up to on this day. Glad you like the song, I chose it especially for this occasion

Laura Nyro – American Dove 

Hi Dave,
This is Laura Nyro and American Dove. She is indeed an artist who comes to you when you are ready. 🙂
The author of that quote was quite right about that.

Thanks for your response Shar, the author of that quote was none other than our very own Rumer, who has in fact recently covered this song.

American Dove – Spotify

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