My name is Ruth and I have been in the room since April of 1998. I have been divorced for 7 years and NO, It wasn’t because of AOL LOL. I have 2 kids, a son-In-law and work in retail for now. I believe I started AOL about the same time that AIDY started. Some of the first people I met in the room were REMO, YUMMEY, DUKE, MARKEIO and AIDY.

I like pretty much any era of music. I like the 50s Doo-Wop stuff a lot and the 70s cause that’s what I grew up with. I have not yet been to a roomie party, being a single mom etc. but now that the kids are grown I am going to try very hard to make It to a party this year.

When we got our first computer I refused to go on the Internet because I thought It was full of loons (been proven correct on that LOL.) I just love it when the old crowd is in the room and we are cracking each other up with a silly topic or just old memories. It’s been fun lately seeing some of the old roomies come back In like ECHO, RED, TORCH, DUKE, now if we can only drag AIDY, DOVE and a few others back LOL. I loved the surprise birthdays parties. It showed just how much we cared about each other. I really enjoy talking to all the roomies on the phone when they are at the Fests. I also love to view all the pictures that are sent out after the parties. I guess if you can’t be there It’s the next best thing.

I have made some wonderful friends in this room. They make me laugh and they call me when they don’t see me in the room for a few days. That is so wonderful.

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  1. Yummeytoes
    13. May 2016

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