I intended to take part in GO’s project but somehow time got away from me and I regret not being able to participate this time. I would like to say that I met some really great people in the Oldies room when I wondered in there many years ago and was able to meet them face to face here in California and at HUGYFEST2001.

I walked away from my computer many nights laughing so hard that I wasn’t even able to fall asleep, Some of you will remember those evenings well, I’m sure.

One night that stands out in my mind was the night that GO was casting for the Oldies Room Movie. What an unforgettable night that was!

How could I ever forget having to hide my “dress” from ABOMB whenever he entered the room for fear of what he might say wearing my dress LOL. I’m sure many of you will remember what a riot ABOMB was, but the night that stands out the most was the night SBIR wandered into the room, Those of you who were there that evening will know what I am talking about. That was hysterical!! I made some good friends along the way and I sure do miss the good times we used to have……

Wait. I think I just participated in GO’s project after all….


It’s no secret that of all the friends I have met in this chatroom over the years DOVEY as I used to call her would be somewhere near the top. I remember at first just how quiet she used to be, not commenting too much, just watching and answering if a roomie talked to her. As time went on I realized that our musical tastes were almost exactly the same and a friendship grew from that. I met her at HUGYFEST2001 and she was a big part of the “old days” in the chatroom. In 2005 I met her and YUMMEYTOES for lunch on my trip to California and it was just like the old days again. ~GOHAWKSGO

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