I am Joanne and I am 40 years old, single with no children. I am a medical assistant and disc jockey who is currently enjoying the living heck out of not working. I have been in the room since April 1998 and I just happened

Chevellex, Edna and Lylelady Texfest 05

upon this room. I live near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

As for music I love the 50’s.60’s and 70’s and I love Doo-Wop, early 70,s soul and the Guess Who. I have attended several Chatroom parties and met over 200 roomies. I wouldn’t trade any of the roomies who are my friends for anything in the world. I have 2 memories that are so special over the 7 or so years I have been In this room and the first happened at HUGYFEST2001 and was the classic Sunday that Mark,GOHAWKSGO, showed up and over 100 roomies were wearing nametags that said GOHAWKSGO on It. Mark had no Idea who was who as this was his first time seeing us and the look on his face was way too priceless for any camera. Mark was laughing so hard I think I saw tears running down his face. Everybody came up to him and said I am GOHAWKSGO and he was dying there on the spot. I introduced myself to Mark and he looked at me and said Come-on you guys are killing me. Now that was a classic never to be forgotten.

LYLE, yep how can I forget that LOL. To finally meet everyone and not know who in the heck was who was unbelievable. I was lost and then poor AIDY, she says to me who am I and I was so confused that for all I know she could have been DANHILL. LMAO. ~GOHAWKSGO

Another of my favorite moments is when we had a birthday party for AIDY. I don’t think I had ever seen AIDY so flustered with 23 people In the room all with new names with Aidy in their screen names and she had no clue who was who. I think RVB was GatorAidy or something like that. I don’t think I had ever laughed so hard in my life. LOL.

As far as what to do to make the room better I just think we need to keep the Insulting down. People go in the room to be amongst friends and discuss music and If you are pissed at somebody, that’s fine, just keep it between the 2 of you. Everybody In the room doesn’t need to get Involved.

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