Martin, Dean & Ricky Nelson – My Rifle, My Pony & Me

Howdeee! I’ll let you know right off, that the movie pictured in the graphics tonight have nothing to do with the song, except that it’s my favorite western & tonights song is from a western.

What a cast! The Duke, a saucy Italian from the Rat Pack, a teen idol, a future Police woman, and a three time oscar winner with a wide acting range (and many other notables) came together in this tale of a small town sheriff in the southwest, who jails the brother of a powerful local rancher. They hold off the ranchers gang, there’s a little romance, and the good guys win.

Tonights song takes place while the guys are holed up in the jail. For bonus points, name the movie (it’s kind of a gimme :0) )

Your Lyrics were:

Purple light in the canyons, that’s where I long to be

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Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson – My Rifle, My Pony and Me was presented on August 28th 2014 by Mary Ruth

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