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I’ve been in the Oldies chat since 2002. At that time It was known as Music Oldies not Oldies Music. My name is Jan and I live in Nebraska am married and have 5 grandchildren. I enjoy music from the 50s and 60s with favorites being the Vogues and the Dave Clark 5.

I have never attended a chatroom party and have never met any of the roomies. I don’t feel a need to actually. I have fun with them online.
I have cut down on the time spent in oldies as many of us have due to the name calling and other unpleasant situations.

There have been so many fun times but the ones that stick out to me are the times AIDY and I used to poke fun at each other. People used to think we were fighting.
Another great time was just this December when we were all giving name of people who would portray us if they ever made a movie about the chatroom. There were some funny moments. My friends are the ones I can bounce banter off of and have fun with, Names are not needed.

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  1. Jan? I hope I have the right Jan. You and I used to chat in Delphi forums in the mid late ’90s when you were in New Hampshire and I was in Washington DC. I went by such screen names as Paulster. I was just thinking of you and Googled your screen name on a chance. Please correct me if I have written in error.

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