I think I have been going in the room about 5 years now. The people were friendly and I have been coming in ever since. I live in the suburbs of Memphis, TN. It’s a great party town and I have hosted a few roomies like ROCN60S and HUGYBEAR to our Beale St. Music festival and to Graceland. I am married and a quality manager in a very large manufacturing facility. I have a wife of 30 years, Lori and a large hairy Bouvier Des Flandres dog, Tripp. I like music from the 50s to today’s music. My favorite era is the British Invasion and the Psychedelic 60s and power 70s.

Back when I was in the old Trivia Room I went to ROCS 1st BBQ with Lori. We met some good people for sure. I hosted a couple of small events and went to lots of the old Trivia group gatherings but the 1st Oldies group fest I attended was TEXFEST in Dallas last year. The people were great and I am ready to do it again but only if they can find this fern I am fond of. Ask TIM and ERIC for details, LOL.

My favorite moments in the chatroom are when everyone is hugging, laughing, consoling, remembering and did I say laughing? It’s what keeps us coming back.

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