Mudcat Mollie

I’m Rachel at 56………… Whodathunk ?? Certainly not I. I live in Kentucky and no I am not a hillbilly, however sometimes I wish I were. I found this wonderful room by searchin for a cool room where my love of music could be shared. I’m divorced and have been since the mid 80’s, Now Now….don’t feel sorry for me and go awwwwwwwww. It’s a good thing. Since the divorce I really don’t let people get too close to me. I was hurt very badly.

Having grown up in the 60’s I would say I was really into the music of that decade. My older brother was into music of the 50’s, so you can say that I really had the best of both worlds. I was rockin to everything and my brother had a band. My brother was given a GIBSON for his 12th birthday and he still has it. I learned to play Johnny Cash’s Big River on it.

I was away from the chatroom for a long while and I just came back. This was due to all the fighting that was happening in the room. I just decided that I missed everyone and am overjoyed to see that many of my old friends are still there.

Talking about my best friends is very easy. Soon after I started coming in the room way back in 1999 I became suddenly ill and was in intensive care for days. I was then put in a regular room and had my cell phone with me. Believe me when I say it was no picnic. I was going through some very difficult times and then my cell rang.

I was very sedated but I remember Linette called and I talked to RED and TORCH. Then it was PETEY and LES and TOMMY… and I know there were others….. It was an incredible feeling to know that so many cared about me.


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