OMG… I think I happened into the room about 6 years ago..maybe… The older I get the less I trust my mind…LOL. Pam I am to my buddies and I live in Swansboro, North Carolina on the Crystal Coast. I just married my high school sweetheart after being apart for 28 years. Can you believe that? I have one daughter Amber, who is now 21 years old and 1 grandchild who will be 2 in March. He’s my buddy too…LOL.

I have never been to one of the chatroom functions like HUGY’s but I have had the honor of joining some get together’s in the room. As a matter of fact that’s where I got the screen name SHIMMERINSPRITE, which I used while running the “Name That Tune” game several years back. I have also had a blast playing “Trivium” with many of the Oldie Nuts…LOL. What a wonderful time it has been.

Over the last few years I have not really been in the room as much as I would have liked because I work on a computer all day long and that puts a damper on my desire to go home and get right back on one. What can I say?? I’m just getting older. LOL.

Favorite people in the room ? AIDY!!! Need I say more. She’s a real nutchild…LOL. I remember when she and RVB were playing room bouncers and some people were coming in and causing trouble and they took it among themselves to watch out for everyone. I laughed so hard because of those 2. When I do come in now, because it is so rarely what I look forward to is just seeing my old friends again. My speakers right now are shot so I don’t have the music and it’s so much harder now to start-up Wavman and hug everyone…LOL.

I have made so many friends in here, where do I start TIM, AJ, MARK, STEVE, RICH, MAME, AIDY, JOMAMANUTWOMAN, REVVY, RACHEL,…Sheez…. There’s just no way I can list everyone and not slight anybody.

My hope for the future is that we could stop the menial bickering and grow up. Even with all this the “Oldies” room has given me the one reason to have AOL and I for one am grateful that I have found our “Room”.

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