Pop Legends amongst GQ Award Winners

Trash Pop singer Iggy Pop, Ringo Starr and “Van The Man” Van Morrison were amongst the winners at the British GQ Men Of The Year Awards in London yesterday evening.

Iggy Pop won the award in the category “Icon”, Ringo in “Humanitarian” whereas Van Morrison was awarded the prize as “Legend”.

Other prize winners include Tony Blair (Philanthropist), Agi & Sam (Breakthrough Fashion Deisgners), André Balazs (Entrepreneur), Benedict Cumberbatch (Actor), Christopher Bailey (Designer), Tom Kerridge (Chef), Liam Neeson (Editor’s Special Award), Pharrell Williams (Solo Artist), New Order (Inspiration), Micaehl Lewis (Writer), John Bishop (Comedian), Colin Firth (Leading Man), Paolo Nutini (Special Achievement), Lewis Hamilton (Sportsman), Ewan Ventors (Innovator), Peter Capaldi (TV Personality), Jamie Dornan (Vertu Breakthrough Artist), Jonah Hill (International Man), Douglas Booth (Hugo Boss Most Stylish Man), Kim Kardashian (Woman)

I don’t get out much so right after this I’m going to go back in my shell. Van Morrison

Iggy says thanks …

F****** thanks. Thanks GQ for taking me to dinner in such a nice place. All these glittering people. When I’m working I try to dig down deep… in my balls and just f****** kick ass. When I’m doing do that I get the f*** out and f*** off.

photo credit: Kmeron via photopin cc

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