My screen names are legion, perhaps you know me by POSSIKAT, or SPRING98.I have a few others that I use… perhaps I know your secrets or perhaps our paths have not yet crossed.

I am just me, Laura Jean, and yes I will admit it, I am a music junkie. That is why I entered the Music chat room all those years ago.

I am so looking forward to meeting you and more of the wonderful little family that has evolved over time.

There have been many times, when things were not going so great, or looking up, in life, that a few minutes in the chatroom completely changed everything.

We can laugh or cry until it hurts, but we do it together, many times never knowing how much, or even what a simple word, a hello or a silly emotion or hug brings to another’s life.

I thank you all for sharing, Thank you for being there
Laura Jean.

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