I found the Oldies Chatroom in 1997. A couple of us were singing songs in a garden chatroom and some people objected. So I started doing research and found the best room On the web.

I like Motown, Bluegrass, Gospel, You name It. I collect versions of Ave Maria. This song Is very special to me. I have never attended a roomie party. I was always too busy or too broke. I have been pretty much a regular since 1997 except for a one year period. I just love It when we all start singing together and everybody chimes In. 9/11 is very memorable for me as we were singing patriotic songs. It just seemed like the appropriate thing to do and express our emotions at that time in history. I am just so happy to be a part of a gathering of people that I can discuss music with. I used to have one or two people I could call. Now I have my chat roomies and the web. What an embarrassment of riches (To me anyway). I just love getting the birthday list from TOOLBOXKITTEN.

I have made so many special friends in this room and to mention some may mean I forget others. There are special people I call my friends and they know who they are and I get a nice fuzzy feeling when the room is filled with those special people. I like these people for different reasons. Some know all the music and artists, some share their music with me and others just crack me up. There are some negatives but I have learned to just blow off the bad times as I would in real life.

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