It was after the super bowl in 1999. I was bored and I had never been in a chatroom in my life. I stumbled into oldies and I never left.

People probably know my story at this point however I am married to ANGIE. She is a real person,

Race and Angie

not just a name. LOL. If I could go back In time I would have loved to have seen the rat pack at the Sands and then walk down the street and see Louis Prima and Keely Smith. I have always said that I loved the people in the room much more than the music. I had only been in the room a few months when Steve had his BBQ and
I wanted to go. I IM’d ROC and he said It was Invite only. I understood, being that I didn’t even know Steve at that point and we had never even talked In the room. Steve asked me how I found out about the party and I told him that TERRILEE and KACEY were my friends and he said let me get back to you. The next day I received a nice Email from Steve telling me that he had talked to TERRI and I was on the list. That first year Angie and I did not go to the Friday evening dinner, we were going only to the BBQ and we had a plan. We would arrive at 1PM and If we were not comfortable by 2pm we would be on our way to Disneyland.
Well, we didn’t leave ROC’s till midnight. ECHOBRIDGE kept telling us to stay later and later. Well to say the least from then on we always have stayed the entire weekend and gotten a room to enjoy the whole thing. Every year It seems we stretch it out to stay a day longer. LOL.

We have also been to HUGYFEST2004 where we got to meet RED and TORCH for the first time. We are forever grateful to HUGY for giving us the chance to meet so many people. We were also at the first TEXFEST where we got to meet some of the Texas roomies. Being that we live in Southern California we do meet up with our neighbors from time to time.

Race, Angie, Margy and Tjbeatles Texfest 05

I have had literally 100’s of great times in the chatroom but one that stands out is RED’s birthday party. I know some of the newer roomies don’t understand or like it when we say “the good old days” but that’s what It was. Some evenings we would have 3 rooms full and you had to try and sneak In the room with all of your friends. One time It took me 675 times just to get In to RED’s party. i remember LYLELADY was visiting RED and TORCH that evening and KACEY was trying to Interpret everything for us. I remember playing Gene Watson WAV’s for RED and TORCH when they would be leaving the room.

One thing I didn’t like was the name changing for the special events. I never knew who was who and it bugged the Hell out of me .LOL. ANGIE and I have made so many friends in this room and I truly believe that there are a certain percentage of roomies who I would do anything for and vice-versa. The one thing I would wish for is for some of the old roomies to come back in the room. To have some of the people in the room chase you out doesn’t do anybody any good. We lose a roomie and they lose a fun place to hang out.

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