I had heard so many wonderful things about this lady that to be quite honest I said to myself “Nobody can be this good”. Well, to be honest I found out for myself just how wonderful a person can be on my trip to ROCSBBQ last year. REVVY as I call her went out of her way to take a few others and me, all over Southern California and to show us the town she calls home. To be clear there are so many wonderful, thoughtful considerate, caring people in our group, but to be sure any top ten list of best roomies would have her on it. ~GOHAWKSGO

Steelworker, Revolver and Gohawksgo in CA.

Since I like Music Oldies I stumbled in the room about 8 years ago. What I liked best was that the people were generally nice and so I have been there ever since. I live in Downey, California, the home of The Carpenters and I am a location manager for Universal Studios. I like almost all kinds of music 60s to 90s.

I have been to ROC’s HUGY’s and TEXFEST, the best parties ever. The best times for me anyway were the birthday parties. I remember RVB442’s birthday party. Everybody had names similar to RVB. I was RVBISOVERRATED, but heck he knew It was me all along. The night SXTYSLVR came back in the room after being gone for about 2 years and there were all the old roomies. It was just fabulous.

I know who my friends are in the room and I will be with them forever. I wish there was no drama in the room. I work in Television and I see too much of it there. I don’t want to come in the room and see it there too. We just need to have fun, laugh and enjoy the music.

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