Rich (RVB)

Rich (RVB)

Richard Brigidi, age 69, an Army Veteran, better known to many as RVB, passed away peacefully on October 24, 2016

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  1. For me, always happy memories of hanging out with the gang at Hugy’s oldies party. His parties were an event! I enjoyed going into the chat rooms to „see“ my online friends. Rich was the heart and soul of the room. I always looked forward to the Hugy fests and was a „charter member“ from the very first party in 2000. I had so much fun one year that my husband, Gordon and I went home to NJ and drove back the next day. I didn’t want to wait another year to see every body. We were all close and Mad Poet Steve in Philly would throw parties so we wouldn’t have to wait. He was good like that. Rich had a way of brightening everyone’s day with his amazing sense of humor. I liked his style…straight forward, genuine, honest, sincere, funny as anything, he knew his music, and was always happy to see you. He was a chat room treasure. One of a kind. I feel comfort in knowing that he was a part of my life and played a positive role in it. Those wonderful memories will last forever. Peace be with Rich and his family and all of those who’s life he touched.

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