A roomie IM’d me in because of the musical profile that I had and brought me into the room and introduced me to 6 great years of meeting new people. That was in 1999. My name Is Deanna and I work for a group of 6 eye surgeons, and I am the lead singer in a rock band and I spend whatever spare time I have with my two great kids. I live in Connecticut.
I love all types of music and am a huge Stevie Nicks fan.
I have met many roomies at a party and have had some roomies come here to my state to visit, and one roomie in particular who has become a big part of my life now. I used to come chat when we would have more than 1 room an evening, the room was so popular. Today I maybe come In every few months or so to let people know I’m still kicking but I sometimes get the feeling the roomies of today don’t know me. LOL.

It’s always nice to come In and have somebody from the past recognize you and give you a room hug. I really don’t have any specific favorite memories, I just liked the Idea that we were really In a room with couches, chairs LOL..and people would push over just to have you sit next to them.

My main reason for coming In the room In the first place was for the trivia. I had the most fun learning all about the music I love. I have made many friends, some of who have come and gone but one person in particular, changed my life. To this day we are together everyday either mentally, spiritually or physically and that’s my best friend DANMAR.
My hope for the future is that we always stay In touch one way or the other with updates to members just so we know that everyone is safe healthy and happy ((((((((((PEACE)))))))))))).

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