My name is Shirley and I am still married to my first and only hubby and we have 2 children and 5 grandsons. We live in Dayton, Ohio and I have been a part of the Oldies Chatroom for 7 years now. I found the Oldies Chatroom and saw a name in there VALENSGIRL and since I went to school with Ritchie Valens I had to go in the room and we started chatting and the roomies were so friendly that I soon became a regular. Back then the regulars were names like RHYTHMDUKE, HUGYBEAR45, SWEETSHAR8, AIDY, BMOGAL, IMISSFRANK, MUSICMANMM,

Here is a trip down memory lane with a poem written by IMISSFRANK that I saved and dated 8/6/99

There’s a room I go to each day on the net—
to chat with good people I have never met—
we talk about music, the old days we miss—
We laugh, and share stories and just reminisce—
Our names are quite strange I have to admit—
Clever and witty, They somehow all fit—
Theres RhythymDuke, HesARebel, SweetShar and Suz—
LuvMyChair, Echo and another called Bluz—
KWunder, Lorianna, Rosanna and Mo—
DJ and Aidy and always hungry Remo—
We have Klown, LdyBug, DitDot and Hugy—
YoMartin, Skinluvr, Lueyes and yes Yummey—
I won’t forget MusicManmm, Ally and Ank—
In case you are wondering I am MissFrank—
You guys are the “greatest” and I’d just like to say—
Thank you all for being there day after day.

Thought you would all like that. It brings back great memories.
My favorites in music are Doo-Wop,Rock and Roll and Elvis. All music from the 50’s to early 60’s and I also like country.
I have never attended a chatroom party but I once met a roomie JUSPLNVINCE, who doesn’t come in the room anymore, but we do keep in touch. I still come in the room pretty regularly but to be honest the room has changed a lot over the years.

I used to love the games that ZSHOTT used to play where we would replace a name in a song and put in other words like “hump” or “blue” or whatever. I have laughed so hard at some of those things that It brought tears to my eyes… The clever things these people come up with are so wonderful. I love to laugh and those are great memories for me.

I really miss the older group of roomies who don’t come in the room anymore like ZSHOTT, THEFOYLES, MUSICSSHADOW, VIDEOLAD(THE HARVINATOR),IMISSLSO and of course REMO and his Doo-Wop Wavs and his Cheetos. My best friend’s on-line friends are DUKE, PLESLUVME4EVER, IMISSLSO and THE HARVINATOR.
One thing I don’t really like about the room is the Cliques that have formed In the room. Some roomies shame other roomies for not going to the Chatroom parties.
People have their reasons for not attending and it’s a terrible and cruel thing to do that to these people. Some of us have even told us that we are not friendly, well I AM FRIENDLY and I love people and that’s all I need to say. Going to a party does not make you better or friendlier than anyone else. I know nothing stays the same but I do wish that we would stick more to the music of the 50’s and 60’s.

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