Taggart, Blind Joe – Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down

Today’s artist was an American blind country blues musician from the 1920s and 1930s. He was a great influence on folk singer Josh White with whom he traveled. According to White, he was a mean-tempered man. He recorded a few duets with Emma, who is believed to have been his wife. At least one photograph is believed to exist of him. His complete discography has been made available

I normally do The Gospel Lounge when I’m hosting on the Sunday following Honky Tonk Saturday Night. That hasn’t happened recently, and I miss it every once in awhile. Today’s gospel blues song is perfect to kick off Halloween week…

BJTaggertALL MUSIC’s Eugene Chadbourne has much to say on his website – including discography. He has been ‘mentioned’ in several online blogs as the originator/creator of the theme song for the 2011–2012 television series, ‘Boss’ (17 episodes), sung (covered) by Robert Plant of the British group Led Zeppelin (and many others).

Blind Joe Taggart – Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down was presented on October 26th 2014

Gonna pray until they tear your kingdom down

Diana Parker

Diana has been writing about music for many years. She used to write a local music column for an alternative magazine in the Kansas City area, and frequently contributed LP and concert reviews to area publications before that. She and her husband Ed (JacoFan) have long been enthusiastic music collectors, although her tastes run a bit far from his. "I've always thought we complimented each other," she laughs, " we have a running joke that I have a deeper appreciation of Howlin' Wolf because of him, and he loves Uncle Tupelo because of me."

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