TERRI as I call her is one of the old gang of roomies who have highlighted the chat room since the first time I ventured in. As you will read below having TERRI present in the chat room is always an event and made for a fun filled and slightly adventurous evening. That said, there is a lot more to TERRI than just the fun times. Her exploits of caring and going over the line to help her fellow roomies through difficult times is one of the reasons that this room has always been a special place for all of us to come to.

Hugybear and Terrilee
Hugybear and Terrilee

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] think I first came into the room was in 1998 or 1999. What state do I live in ? How about the state of confusion? LOL. I have my grandmother’s heart and my mother’s Irish temper…LOLLLLLLLLL. I work with the handicapped and disabled. Emotionally, educationally and physically. I am a California girl but live on the east coast for now. Like the song says, ” I wish they all could be California girls” LOL

My favorite group is the Moody Blues. I grew up listening to lots of different types of music and I brought up my kids the same way. I have been lucky enough to attend many chatroom parties, had lots of fun and not much sleep….LOLLLLLLLLLLL. I have met a lot of people from near and far. There are still many I have talked to for many years that I have not met yet and maybe some day they will make it to a chatroom gathering.

I used to come in the room quite often when I was still in California and I was 2 to 3 hours behind everyone. I do not come in as often as I used to but when I do it is usually in the evening. I sometimes go in on Sunday morning for the Church of the Oldies Chatroom LOL. I also have gone into the room in the middle of the evening when I can’t sleep.

[pullquote-left]Boy, if I had all the money from all the pole dances I could have built a mansion for all the parties[/pullquote-left]Since my days in the oldies room I have seen and experienced so much. From all the gatherings across the country to the bonds of friendship and the sorrow of the loss of others to the Great Oldies Room in the sky. The days when the room only used to handle 23 at a time and there would be 5 or 6 rooms going on at once. The times RVB would steal all the clothes on naked Tuesdays to KACEY and her snert gun always loaded and ready to go… LOLLLL.

I remember my first encounter with RON(COMATOEZ). He did not know if I was male or female when we were in the hot tub cleaning up after a food fight. All that food flying. I laughed so hard that I could hardly see the monitor because I had so many tears rolling down my face.

terriI had so many birthday and holiday names but for some reason everybody always knew who I was . I remember TORCHIE asking for a birthday lapdance and RED getting him ready for it. We met in a room at a designated time and it took half an hour to prepare TORCHIE for the dance. LOL. RED had put pillows on the floor and we had to belt TORCH in. LOL……
Boy, if I had all the money from all the pole dances I could have built a mansion for all the parties. LOLLLLLLLLL.

I ended up almost having everybody on my buddy list. We played Naked twister with baby oil and YESMANv supplied the strawberry shortcake that he ate off my tummy. LOL…. I guess I deserved my Pervie Queen title. LOL…

I have met so many people at the gathering’s in California, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Connecticut, New Hampshire and who else knows where. From the anxiousness of meeting my first group of people to the overwhelming HUGYFEST of 2001…. It was a wall of people. So many smiles at the beginning and so many tears at the end. I have seen romances bloom and flourish and some wilt and die….. But the common bond of music has kept us together for better or worse. We all know there is going to be one hell
of a wedding group when SARAH (CUBETTE) finally marries. She has the biggest extended family. In fact we all share that extended family that some will never understand. I am so glad for the people who made these gatherings possible for all of us to share and be part of.

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