The Colorful World of Luthea Salom

The second decade of the 21st century seems to be a good time for singer/songwriters and there’s none better than Luthea Salom. After a very exciting year 2011, in which she won the “CrankYour Cred” award for the month of June, could she be set for a major breakthrough in 2012?

In February her third album “A Kick In The Head” was officially released, and after the highly rated “Sunbeam Surrounded By Winter” it was certainly a challenge for Luthea. But to say that it was as good as its predecessor wouldn’t be doing it justice. With “Kick In The Head” Luthea has taken a massive leap forward. If “Sunbeam Surrounded By Winter” was bitter-sweet, then “Kick In The Head” is happiness in a jar… and its the little things in life that bring so much happiness (“I wanted to be a happy bee flying out the window flirting with every flower and then making honey”). “Be Me”, “Happy” are songs of joy and even more serious subjects like Heartbreak are packed into hopeful ditties with a positive message (“so I say better swallow this mush”)

Luthea herself is carefully happy with the start of her 3rd LP since its official release.

“well, it literally just came out a month ago and so far I’m very happy. it was immediately accepted into Pandora Radio, which is a great USA internet radio station and i’m starting to get some enthusiastic reviews from well known music magazines. also people’s reaction to my live show has been very good and that’s also a great thing. my team is currently pitching the songs for films and TV commercials, let’s hope we get lucky! you never know what can happen! song “blank piece of paper” won best song for the month of june by Crank Your Cred by ISC, then the video made it as a semi finlaist for the general ISC contest and before the summer we will also be submitting it to the grammy awards. so, knock on wood!”

Things are already starting to go her way in her spanish home, after extensive touring in 2011 she was invited to take part in the prestigious Palau de la Música presented by RAC1, where she played in front of her biggest audience to date. By all accounts it went down a storm!! And she has a full programme set up for the coming year with a full scale tour of Spain in March/April.

“I plan to tour Spain in the spring and the summer and then start working on my new album which I’m hoping to record at the end of the year. Also we are trying to enter other european markets with the album. In the USA I plan to be touring the north east coast throughout the year in order to promote the CD that was released in february. We will also be making a couple more official videos for songs Be Me, 37 Kisses and maybe another animation video for song Signs”

The new video for “Be Me” by the way, was released a couple of days ago (see below).

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