Another very important part of the foundation of the AOL Oldies Room is the Forgotten Hits that Kent sends out almost on a daily basis to many of the roomies who are part of the Chatroom. Kent himself was an early member of the Oldies family and his incredible work and knowledge of Oldies music is something all roomies look forward too and appreciate. ~GOHAWKSGO

Rocn60s and The60sshop at Roc’s BBQ 2005

Although I don’t come in the room anymore my FORGOTTEN HITS sprang from my association with the Oldies Music Chatroom… and it’s a fact that I met my wife Frannie, CHERRICAT in the Oldies Chatroom. I was driven away by some of what I called the High-School antics of some of the people in the room. I have however met some great people through the AOL Chatroom so it isn’t all bad.

When we attended the last ROCSBBQ Dinner Party, BRITINVLVR introduced us to some of the new regulars as “legendary” … high praise indeed

That being said, right now I would like to tell a little bit of what FORGOTTEN HITS is and where it sprang from in the first place and invite all of you to join my mailing list.

We have been running FORGOTTEN HITS for 6 years now. For the first 4 years or so we spot-lighted songs that you just don’t hear on the radio anymore. Now we have added more in the “special series” area. I honestly don’t think I have another 6 years left in me. With so many knowledgeable people on my list. It is getting much more difficult to do the research needed to do It right.

Cherricat and The60sshop at the BBQ

We started FORGOTTEN HITS on Thanksgiving weekend of 1999 when I Emailed 35 people, the regulars from the Oldies Room and asked them if they might be interested In joining a newsletter spotlighting songs and artists. The response was fantastic… and the list kept growing and growing.

In the future I have Interviews coming up with Ron Dante and Peter Noone and we are still hoping for an Interview with Bobby Vee. We are working on a B-sides series. We have had terrific feedback from our Local Hits Series.

I have also been promising ROCKABOB for 3 years now that I would do a series on Sam Cooke and maybe a few more 60’s Flashbacks or something like that. Another great feature that has had overwhelming feedback is the comments page we run on weekends to see what all the regulars have to say about the music and what we have done.

We are thankful for the support of many of you and for the support and help from many people in the industry. I just love having the chance to talk to people like Bobby Vee, Peter Noone, Ron Dante, Mark Lindsay, Randy Bachman, members of the New Colony Six just to name a few.

In ending I just want thank all of you for getting the word out. FORGOTTEN HITS works best when we get your feedback and we all get to share our thoughts.

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