Trishabug and Carpenter

I have been in this room since around February 2000,”The New Millenium” LOL. My sister used to come in the room and she said you must come in this room, the people really know there music. I was scared to death to go into an Internet Chatoom, You know all the perverts LOL, but how wrong was I!

I live in Southwest Florida but my heart is still in Jersey. I love all types of music though the 50s and 60s Doo-Wop beings back such memories of growing up in Philly and listening to the Acapella on hot summer nights. Music has such a wonderful way of taking you back to where you were when you 1st heard the song.

The room parties have been so much fun and the real life room parties were even better. I loved the Birthday and Holiday parties when we used to make up names. We would be chair dancing and singin, I have met so many roomies. I have been to HUGYS but have never been able to make it out to ROCS or TEXFEST but from what I hear they are just as great as HUGYS.

The 1st fest is always the one you remember the best but all of them were wonderful. My 1st fest Dan and I got lost and stumbled in about 10PM Saturday night. The party was roarin by then and it was wonderful going around and looking at name badges and going OMG OMG OMG. LOL. Everybody was so gracious wherever we went that weekend. The dancin and the music that weekend never stopped. One year I was lucky enough to meet roomies at Beatlefest in Jersey. We celebrated SUZY’s birthday singing Happy Happy Birthday Baby, what a memory (Making up our own words of course) and singing Beatles songs with FRANK,DARLENE,RED,TORCH,MICHELLE,NANCY,CHARLIE,DAN and the MADPOET.

We went to New York City one time and we wound up at an all night Diner in New York City. WOW.–No French Toast TORCH, that waitress OMG what a riot, Singin with TERRI, Dont ya Just Know It, Dancin Philly style with RICH. My DAN was gracious enough to share his hotel room with BLUEYES DEE, Breakfast at Denny’s , where we almost filled the entire restaurant with roomies. LOL. EDNA’s big smiles. Nobody smiles as good as EDNA. Jitterbuggin with TORCH. Trivia with LYLE, Singin Acapella and bangin silverware at Wegmans with WACKI JACKI and of course slow dancin with my babe, DAN. The list goes on and on.

I have made some life long friends and If I hadn’t found this room I never would have met and fell in love with my DAN. I will always treasure the good memories.

In conclusion I think it is important to remember the reason we all came in here to begin with and that is the music. It’s not who knows more trivia or what you look like or who is the skinniest. We are all friends in this room and I was so impressed by how nice everyone was to me when I was a new person. I never felt out of place.
I think if we can get back to the original reasons we all came in this room, the room can get back to what it was and can still be.

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