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Remember the AOL Music Oldies Chatroom? Remember how much fun it was there at the turn of the century?

Anyone who ever went to Hugyfest, ROC’s BBQ, or any of the other parties that took place over the years, will know what a tight community and a fantastic family AOL Music Oldies was, and still is. Unfortunately though, many, although very much still in touch with each other, have gone their seperate ways and don’t frequent the room anymore.

Photo albums and the like are being released on Facebook, Bebo etc… but wouldn’t it be great if they were all in one place and not scattered all over the web? This is one of the purposes of this room … to join together what belongs together.

You can

add your oldies related pics to the gallery, private pics to the album in your profile

Start your very own blog if you feel thus inclined. Use it to write about your favorite music, your band, whatever… I only ask that it be oldies-related
You can have a look at the blogs list here

Start a or take part in a group on a subject you are interested in.

Here are some groups that you may find interesting:
Whatever happened to? (Missing in Action)
Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite Oldie that disappeared suddenly years ago? Join this group and ask your question. Maybe someone else has information
The Rememberance Room
Remembering our friends that parted far too early

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