I’ve been coming in the Oldies room now for 6 years. Smoker was the 1st to speak to me. The room was in the middle of trivia. I made a comment “I guess I’ll leave and come back when I educate myself”. Smoker said “Stick around West, this is your education”. So I stuck around. LOL.

Westnanoh Hugyfest 2005
West and Dangle

I remember going to DEE’s place a few years back which was a blast. I have been to 2 HUGYFESTS and enjoy seeing BARB and HUGYBABE, such gracious hosts.

I’ve had the pleasure of inviting several roomies to my home for a New Year’s Eve party last year. PETER, HUGY and family, TJ and JP attended. An added pleasure was when TJ the DJ spun the records. The first roomie i met was RDHDTWNSDAD (Michael). He visited several times, once with his new wife who he met online (CRISSYINCA). Even came to see the girls play softball.

The entire family was saddened when he died of cancer.

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