Brad and Saxdy at Texfest

I’m Brad, 55 years old, retired from teaching since 2002, single and with a large collection of music from the golden days of Rock and Roll. I live in Austin, Texas and I have been coming in the Oldies room for about 6 years now. I followed a couple of people from my “Buddy List” who I knew from Music Trivia. Seeing the room name made me want to investigate it. I write and host music trivia games on-line that many of the roomies have played. I also love to swim and am a huge baseball fan.

My favorite decade of music would have to be the 60’s, particularly the British Invasion, Girl Groups, Motown and harmony groups. I have collected records since 1962 and have every “Top 50 song from the 1960’s in my collection. A total of 3,161 songs.

I went to TEXFEST this past spring and met about 50 roomies there. I have also met a few other roomies at other times…PING, KWENI, 60SSHOP and HUGY, just to name a few. I come in the chatroom on a regular basis, mostly in the morning and in afternoons, rarely in the evenings as I play the Trivia Games at that time,

I like the room the best when the Trivia is going Hot and Heavy and the people aren’t so judge mental about others and making attacks at each other.( I have been guilty of this in the past and I have sworn off it now for a few years). I now try to get along with everybody but I have been irritated the last few months by some who try to dictate what others can think or say in the room.

I have made many friends on-line in this and other rooms, and my life is much nicer for that. I have met 90 to 100 people in person and except for one person, the people I have met are just like the way they are in the chatroom (That person is not in this room but another).

Please friends, take your personal disputes out of the room. The room is for fun and escape.

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    30. November 2012
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    21. November 2017

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