I have been in the room about a year and a half now and I just stumbled In. I live In Ohio about halfway between Cleveland and Columbus. I am Lisa and I am younger than most in the room right now. I work for Pepsi In the office.

I like the fluff music of the 60s but I do like good music from any era or genre. I am hoping to do HUGYFEST this year but TEXFEST and ROCSBBQ are so far away and so expensive.

There have been many touching moments in here but one i remember was when IRISHDUDEINCA said a couple of weeks ago that end of November I am getting married and going to a Stones concert…… I’m sure looking forward to the concert ROFL. I still laugh when I think about that… It sounds like blackmail to me LOL. I loved the trivia, the games, AIDY, There are a lot of good people in the room. A few have helped me work through some things and some don’ even know that they helped. No matter what goes on or did go on the people still take the time to be there.

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  1. Baron
    28. April 2016

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