Yo La Tengo – Double Dare

To honor Sev, I’ve selected a band from his home state of New Jersey. It was formed in Hoboken in 1984. Allmusic.com says that it is “in many respects the quintessential critics’ band”. The band’s name was chosen because of an amusing anecdote from the New York Mets’ 1962 season, involving center fielder Richie Ashburn, shortstop Elio Chacon and left fielder Frank Thomas (not “The Big Hurt”, though Ashburn might have disagreed).

The band portrayed the Velvet Underground in the movie I Shot Andy Warhol. They “have explored the extremes of feedback-driven noise rock and sweetly melodic pop”. Today’s song is from the 6th of their 13 studio albums, the first on the Matador label. The Mystery Lyric is:

“Sometimes it’s the way we feel,
Or the way we feel we feel: pretty bad”


Yo La Tengo – Double Dare was presented by Andy on July 26th 2014

photo credit: bradalmanac via photopin cc

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