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Beach Boys Faves

1200px-The_Beach_Boys,_May_29,_2012Trying to name a Beach Boys Favourite proved to be a difficult task for the members of the My Music Movement Group on Facebook. Even though readers were allowed to vote for more than one song, a lot expressed their problems being able to decide.

At the end of the day, though the results were quite clear.

We had a joint third place

Good Vibrations

When the good time surfing sound started to wane in the USA, Brian Wilson came up with the almost psychedelic Good Vibrations

“Good Vibrations” was released as a single in October 1966. The song was composed and produced by Brian Wilson with lyrics by Mike Love. Initiated during the sessions for the Pet Sounds album, it was not taken from or issued as a lead single for an album, but rather as a stand-alone single, with the Pet Sounds instrumental “Let’s Go Away For Awhile” as a B-side. “Good Vibrations” would later be considered for the aborted Smile project, and ultimately was placed on the album Smiley Smile 11 months after its release.

Wilson has recounted that the genesis of the title “Good Vibrations” came from when his mother explained to him as a child that dogs sometimes bark at people in response to their bad vibrations. Fascinated by the concept, Wilson turned it into the general idea of limbic resonance or extrasensory perception, and developed the rest of the song as it was recorded. (Read more on Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “Beach Boys Faves

  1. You picked great ones, no doubt. You did not mention any songs in the oft-neglected 1968-1976 era.

    Time To Get Alone
    I’ll Bet He’s Nice
    Country Air
    This Whole World
    Surf’s Up
    Feel Flows

    so many more… That era of the Beach Boys gets overlooked so often

  2. Thanks for your feedback Rob. The actual voting for the best songs was done via Facebook where the voter had the option of adding his favorite song to the list. So actually this is a pretty good reflection of their favorites, although not representative amongst Beach boys fans worldwide of course..

    Of the songs you listed only Surf’s Up was voted for (getting 2 votes)

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