The Sunset Cowboy Story

When GOHAWKSGO published “There’s Music In The Air” in 2004 I was missing from the list. And ever since, I have been thinking to myself “Why didn’t you submit your story?”, and ever since starting this website I have been meaning to do just

Where the Wild Roses Grow

Where The Wild Roses Grow is a song written by Nick Cave and performed by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in a duett with Kylie Minogue. This song was presented on Mystery Lyrics on November 28th, 2017, the Mystery Lyric being Why they

Rumer – On My Way Home

Todays Mystery Artist, (born 3 June 1979 in Islamabad, Pakistan), better known by her stage name, is a British singer–songwriter. Her Father, with whom her mother had an affair out of wedlock, was a Pakistani. Her voice has been described by The Guardian and

Blondie – Heart of Glass

Today’s song is definitely an ICBWHDTOB (I Can’t Believe We Haven’t Done This One Before). The band was formed in 1974 by a guitarist and an ex-Playboy bunny singer. They were considered an underground punk and then new wave band until they released their