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The Sunset Cowboy Story

When GOHAWKSGO published “There’s Music In The Air” in 2004 I was missing from the list. And ever since, I have been thinking to myself “Why didn’t you submit your story?”, and ever since starting this website I have been meaning to do just that…. Now, after 14 years, it is time to write the

So, you think you’re a roomie?

Once upon a time there was a room. Not a real room, this was not in any house or flat; it was a virtual room. A place in the internet where like minded people could meet and chat about oldies music and any other things that leapt to mind. They were good days. so good

Mothrshdno – Eddie Mugavero

Eddie Mugavero, known to most of us AOL Oldies as Mothrshdno, or simply Moth, is a “25-year Nashville veteran GRAMMY nominated songwriter, artist, producer, publisher & founder of the popular Nashville swing band, BadaBing BadaBoom”. Eddie’s pedigree as a writer and musician is formidable and starts in the 70s where he began writing songs for

The Making Of There’s Music In The Air

In 2002 I read a book about the history of Saturday Night Live in which the author had interviewed many of the original cast and guests and printed their responses as the basis for his book. A few years later I saw an article in a magazine about the movie industry in the 1970s and

The Epilogue

One of the treats in doing a project like this is hearing from so many of the original group that created the original feel of the chatroom back in the early days. My research brought me in touch with some old friends, whom most of us had not seen in the last few years. Some