All of us in the Oldies room know Margy as the fun loving life of the party and it was my privilege to finally meet her this past year. To say the least I found that not only was this true but that this was a very caring individual as well. When waiting for the…Read More


I found AOL through a friend. When I first went into AOL I went right into chats and found the oldies room, where the best people in the world are found(the others get TOS’d and IGGIED). My favorite type of music has to be rock. classic rock and oldies too. I love the Platters and…Read More


I found AOL one day when I stuck the disc into that little slot and never realized how much my life would change because of it. Now my houses is dusty, my kids arent sure who I am and my husband just goes to bed at 7PM. LMAO, just kiddin! I love all music but…Read More


Bob is one of a small group of Chicago area roomies who have been a part of the chatroom over the past years. Because of this I have had the pleasure of having lunch a few times with both Bob and the other Chicago area roomie Frank, SUPERBIRD66BBL. Bob thought very carefully about what he…Read More


I started coming In the room In July of 2000. A friend had told me about AOL chatrooms. I live in New York City and my favorite music is Doo-Wop, 50s 60s and 70s. I have attended 4 HUGYFESTS and they were all fabulous. I also met many roomies at Beatlefest in Jersey. I never…Read More


Sabrina, as many of us call her, was torn as to what to write for this project. She knew she wanted to participate but just wasn’t sure exactly how to express her emotions. After a few weeks of thought, she asked me if she could put her feelings in a “Poem” and I said sure,…Read More


OMG… I think I happened into the room about 6 years ago..maybe… The older I get the less I trust my mind…LOL. Pam I am to my buddies and I live in Swansboro, North Carolina on the Crystal Coast. I just married my high school sweetheart after being apart for 28 years. Can you believe…Read More


Many of the so called Newbies may not be familiar with Sonnie as she has very rarely ventured in the main room over the last 3 to 4 years. She does however drop in on Tim’s radio show on Thursday evenings every few weeks or so. I can assure you that having Sonnie in the…Read More