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I first came into the room in late 2000. I was in a bad auto accident and had a lot of recovery time. TV got pretty boring and I found the room while cruising one day. The rest they say is history. I live on the Northwest side of Chicago and I have been separated


I had a treat early this year when Michelle, Margy and Phil came to Chicago to see the Stones in concert and I was able to spend a day with them as we ate, shopped and chatted along Chicago’s miracle mile. To say the least Michelle is one of the nicest, kindest roomies I have


All of us in the Oldies room know Margy as the fun loving life of the party and it was my privilege to finally meet her this past year. To say the least I found that not only was this true but that this was a very caring individual as well. When waiting for the


I found AOL through a friend. When I first went into AOL I went right into chats and found the oldies room, where the best people in the world are found(the others get TOS’d and IGGIED). My favorite type of music has to be rock. classic rock and oldies too. I love the Platters and


I found AOL one day when I stuck the disc into that little slot and never realized how much my life would change because of it. Now my houses is dusty, my kids arent sure who I am and my husband just goes to bed at 7PM. LMAO, just kiddin! I love all music but