AOL Oldies Archive


I found the Oldies Chatroom through a friend and I like all types of music. I live in Ohio. My favorite memory from the Chatroom is when HUGY and SUZANROSE came to visit me a few years ago. I have met a lot of nice people in the room over the internet and I have


I found AOL because they sent me a free 30 day trial. As for music I don’t think there is any type of music I don’t like. My father played music all my life, so I came to respect and love it all. My name is Joanna and I live in Idaho so I am

The Steelworker

HI, my name is Bill and I honestly don’t come in the room as much as I used to and I have a very good reason. When AOL decided to bump the room from 23 to 36 people it was the beginning of the end for me. With 23 in the room , it was


My screen names are legion, perhaps you know me by POSSIKAT, or SPRING98.I have a few others that I use… perhaps I know your secrets or perhaps our paths have not yet crossed. I am just me, Laura Jean, and yes I will admit it, I am a music junkie. That is why I entered


I first came into the room in late 2000. I was in a bad auto accident and had a lot of recovery time. TV got pretty boring and I found the room while cruising one day. The rest they say is history. I live on the Northwest side of Chicago and I have been separated