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Directly From My Heart…

A few months back, I wrote of the history pertaining to the tune “Keep A-Knockin’,” with the most popular version being, of course, Little Richard’s 1957 smash hit on Specialty (the song was first recorded circa February 1928 by vocalist James “Boodle-It” Wiggins and pianist Bob Call as “Keep A-Knockin’ An You Can’t Get In


I believe I did an article on “Matchbox” a few years ago but decided that, since there are significantly more people on my list than there was then, I’d do another article on the subject, only this time going a little bit further in detail than I did the first time around. Also, it’s fitting

And It Makes Me Wonder …

You would never know it from the material he wrote and performed, but the late Jim Croce had a passion for early American music. In fact, several years ago I taped and watched a VH-1 special on Jim Croce, and there was a still photo of him as a DJ (I’m guessing at his college)

My Castle’s Rockin’

April 1st marks the birthday of one of the greatest blues singers who ever lived – Miss Alberta Hunter, born on this date in 1895 in Memphis, Tennessee. I just finished reading ‘Alberta Hunter: A Celebration In Blues’ by Frank C. Taylor and Gerald Cook (the latter her pianist during the late ’70s/early ’80s) so