Directly From My Heart…

A few months back, I wrote of the history pertaining to the tune “Keep A-Knockin’,” with the most popular version being, of course, Little Richard’s 1957 smash hit on Specialty (the song was first recorded circa February 1928 by vocalist James “Boodle-It” Wiggins and pianist Bob Call as “Keep A-Knockin’ An You Can’t Get In…Read More


I believe I did an article on “Matchbox” a few years ago but decided that, since there are significantly more people on my list than there was then, I’d do another article on the subject, only this time going a little bit further in detail than I did the first time around. Also, it’s fitting…Read More

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And It Makes Me Wonder …

You would never know it from the material he wrote and performed, but the late Jim Croce had a passion for early American music. In fact, several years ago I taped and watched a VH-1 special on Jim Croce, and there was a still photo of him as a DJ (I’m guessing at his college)…Read More

My Castle’s Rockin’

April 1st marks the birthday of one of the greatest blues singers who ever lived – Miss Alberta Hunter, born on this date in 1895 in Memphis, Tennessee. I just finished reading ‘Alberta Hunter: A Celebration In Blues’ by Frank C. Taylor and Gerald Cook (the latter her pianist during the late ’70s/early ’80s) so…Read More

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The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones have churned out so many classics over the past several decades that they, in my opinion, epitomize the very essence of rock ‘n’ roll and the rock ‘n’ roll attitude more than any other band. Just about anyone, regardless of age, can name at least one of their songs or name at…Read More

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The Wolf is at your door

January 10th, marks the anniversary of the death of one of our favorite musicians; a GIANT of the blues and one of the most original and striking vocalists/performers in all American music: Chester Arthur Burnett, a.k.a. Howlin’ Wolf. We thought we’d look back on Wolf’s life with a few of his greatest songs. EARLY LIFE:…Read More

Elvis Presley

In the decades prior to the 1950s, both black music and white not only co-existed, but inspired each other. It’s fairly common knowledge that many country artists incorporated the black blues style into THEIR style (i.e. Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams) but not many people are aware that black artists were, in turn, inspired by…Read More

Little Richard

Little Richard claims to be the “architect of rock’n’roll”. Why? Because, as the man himself says, we must remember that he was recording as early as 1951, before Elvis. True enough, but it seems that Little Richard forgets that Big Joe Turner made his first record (“Roll ‘Em Pete”/”Goin’ Away Blues”) on December 30, 1938…Read More